graphic design studio

it’s not about ideas

it’s about

making ideas happen

We have established our out of pure passion for graphic design only, and our main goal is to share our love for the top quality graphic design with the world. Dedend is all about making impossible possible no matter how crazy that idea might sound on the first place. We are dedicated pros who all together have more than twenty years of experience gathered in all sorts of creative backgrounds. Working with us means that you are in good hands.

Projects designed in our studio have to follow tight design quality tests. We have a keen eye for detail and we sell only premium quality of service. With our standards we are able to fulfill wishes of the most demanding clients there are. It’s our main goal to keep our clients fully satisfied. All our designs are fully covered by warranty. Quality is a promise that we keep.

process which requires proper debriefing and understanding of your needs. We take under consideration such elements as, projects complexity, timetable expectations, creative elements and we analyze technological background on each step. Only through in-depth analytics we are able to fix an optimal price for you and your business with a possible timetable. We are always very transparent in our decisions.

One of the most important factors in the entire creative process. We fully understand meaning of the saying “time is money”. Thats why we always have full quality control over the entire design process and above all we are in constant communication with our clients. Staying informed and focused on transparently set objectives lets us create truly amazing design pieces.

Each individual in our studio brings different experience background starting from art and design to modern programming and development skills. We have professional marketing specialists at our hand and we have teamed up with great SEO and marketing specialists. This way we have a great experience bucket at your disposal. Thanks to our wide experience we are very flexible in what we can do and achieve.